Hessaire MC18M Portable Evaporative Cooler

This Evap Cooler 1300 CFM is an effective way to keep your living or work space comfortable. Its high-density grid media pad efficiently evaporates water to lower the temperature of its surrounding environment. This evaporative swamp cooler is easy to refill, and the water level of its reservoir is easy to read so that you'll know when it's time to fill it up. Its float valve can be connected to a water hose to make it quick and easy to refill.

Why We Like It – Hessaire MC18M

The Hessaire MC18M evaporative air conditioner is a compact alternative that’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and one that’s got a large enough water capacity to offer close to 4 hours of cooling before it requires a refill.


In most evaporative coolers, it is the evaporative material (cooling media) that filters out any unwanted particles from the air that is sucked in, and this helps make sure that the air getting circulated remains uncontaminated. This also applies with the Hessaire MC18M, so you shouldn’t expect it to be circulating dusty air, or air that’s got pollen grains or particles.

Key Operational Points:

Pump must be primed per instructions prior to use. Your cooler must be positioned in front of an open window or door if it is to operate effectively. Always ensure that there is another open window or door through which the air can exhaust from the room. Ensure the filter is kept clean throughout the summer season. At the end of each day run your cooler on FAN ONLY for 30 minutes to dry out the filter Prior to putting your cooler away for winter, always: a. Drain the tank and wipe out clean. b. Clean the filter c. Reassemble and run on FAN ONLY for 30 minutes to dry out the filter.

Hessaire MC18 - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are the wheels and castors that should come with this unit?

A: They are in a separate Styrofoam box inside the shipping box with the user manual.

Q: Why doesn’t it cool right away? I just plugged it in but it is not cooling.

A: You need to fill the water compartment to full to allow the water pump to prime. Once that happens, it will begin to cycle the water and within 15 minutes will be cooling efficiently

Q: Is this a portable A/C unit?

A: No, this is an Evaporative Cooler that uses water and a fan to cool the ambient air. It’s also known as a portable ‘swamp’ cooler.